THE DUSTY BOGAN - EP84: Pauline's big ball's

We all know what the definition of a woman is but Pauline Hanson has the biggest ball's of anyone in parliament 🥜 "George Christensen"

Australia's federal election is this Saturday. Dusty hits the streets and interviews some interesting characters about election issues.

Australia's only hope is to Vote the majors last and get freedom parties the balance of power.

After our man on the street segment Dusty goes through some Aussie news.

• Prime minister SCOMO has said he will sign Australia up to the world health organisation's pandemic agenda.
• What is happening with Calum Von Moger Aussie body builder. After hospitalisation.
• Pentagon's latest declassified UFO documents. Human/lizard hybrids confirmed.
• Last weeks comments section

May 20th, 2022

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