THE DUSTY BOGAN - EP82: This is the beginning of the pro-life movement, not the end!

We are pushing back on the globalist population control goblins. From USA to Australia people are waking up to the reality that millions of babies are being snuffed out every year.

Dustys hits up his local One Nation candidates and gets them to come to a pro life rally.

BIG TIME INTERVIEW: Dusty chats to Senator Malcolm Roberts about One Nations right to life policy.

One Nation acknowledges the scientific fact that a human being's life begins in the womb.

One Nation will:

- Reduce the gestational limit for abortions - Current legislation in some states allows the abortion of an unborn child up until the day of birth.
- Ban sex-selective abortion.
- Restore Doctor's Rights - Reinstitute a doctor's full right to a full conscientious objection to abortion.
- Ban organ harvesting - Prevent the use of aborted baby organs.

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May 05th, 2022

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