New York City. They call it The Big Apple, but they should call it The Big Rathole.

I'm very happy to welcome back an old friend who I love dearly, Ex-exterminator Larry Izzo. We look backwards and forwards at NYC's rat dilemma. The Rat Czar (did you know New York has a Rat Czar) is MIA.

In Astoria, a berzerk man who likes to posture himself as a woman (aka "trans") goes into a full-on tranny rage outside an ebike shop. Fck this asshole, amiright? We have the video.

Douglas Nelson has the story of a wild asshole who chased people around in Manhattan with a knife before nearly stabbing an NYPD officer in the face. The guy got shot, but not fatally, and Nelson has all the details in this week's New York Post Stories.

This stuff, plus some more stuff.

Guest - Larry Izzo

Jun 06th, 2024

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