PKA 686 W/ Gavin Mcinnes: Woodys Free Use, Government Orders, FPSRussia Charged Criminal Masculinity

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0:00:00 - Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor the sponsors
0:00:10 - Gavin's elite multi-TV setup puts PKAs production to shame!
0:02:04 - Woody enlightens Gavin on his free use naughty adventures with his wife
0:08:16 - The straight-gay spectrum, love triangles & why Gavin doesn't like adult movies
0:16:15 - Gavin speaks about the Proud Boys, media disinformation & Donald Trump
0:23:19 - Why Obama was a big nerdy President and Donald Trump is the Messiah
0:27:16 - Jay Z vs the Grammys & the danger of watching shows with your spouse
0:30:17 - Male vs female anatomy & how PKA would redesign the perfect male member
0:37:33 - Black prison culture vs the gay community & why female Wardens can't be trusted
0:41:55 - PKA reacts to Andrew Callaghan's recent visit to the US-Mexico border
0:48:53 - Why New York criminals are hacking cars and selling them to Saudi Arabia
0:55:51 - New York's rude culture & why so many male celebs are secretly effeminate
1:01:04 - Gavin's experiences with the Glasgow Smile, the Old Firm rivalry & kung fu
1:07:05 - MMA's best/worst fighting styles & PKA's unorthodox self-defense strategies
1:10:37 - Hot sugar water & phallic operations: When angry spouses are out for revenge..
1:15:09 - FPSRussia's close call with car shrapnel & the time he met Dan Blizzerian
1:23:41 - Gorlock the Destroyer, Sly Stallone's hot daughters & the TRUE scale of beauty
1:31:17 - The tragic movie career of Frank Stallone (Could the guys beat up Sly Stallone?)
1:36:00 - The competitive sibling rivalry of announcers Michael Buffer & Bruce Buffer
1:39:50 - Hunter Biden's member, Marjorie Taylor Greene & Don Jr's secret habits
1:44:36 - Gavin's nose candy rendezvous w/ Anthony Cumia
1:49:39 - Retro wedgies, deep South substance issues & Atlanta's secret squatters
1:54:06 - PKA reacts to Tucker Carlson's Putin interview, migrants, sanctuary cities & more
2:01:59 - Ad reads: Pharoah Distro, Marek Health, Lock and Load & Blue
2:08:41 - Gavin's bromance with Anthony Cumiw, the O&A show and homemade planes
2:15:58 - James O'Keefe, Shane Gillis and PKA's favorite racially charged insults
2:23:51 - Are we headed for another US civil war? (North vs South USA debate)
2:31:27 - Taylor/Kyle's 'pure' heritage & the white-ification of darker skin tones
2:35:45 - Gavin tells the story of creating/leaving Vice & his thoughts on it now
2:47:52 - The Rock, Kanye, Taylor Swift?! Who will be Donald Trump's number 2?
2:55:21 - The time Gavin met Kanye, Ye's new wife and his thoughts on the Jews
3:05:08 - Gavin and Woody bond over motorcycles and their dislike of large people
3:07:26 - Gavin thanks the guys and leaves the show
3:08:01 - The gang reflects on Gavin as a guest and his PKA fan production assistant
3:09:58 - PKA reacts to Vice visiting North Korea & Computer Simulation Theory
3:17:38 - PKA's views on heaven, hell, getting baptized and selling your soul
3:28:58 - Gaming talk: Total War: Warhammer 3, Space Marines, War of Rights & more
3:43:36 - More gaming talk: Taylor's AoE2 rage & Pestilly's Tarkov tears
3:54:44 - Kyle's dog, Toby, got neutered and he's NOT happy about it...
3:58:17 - Microwave cancer & Monsanto's evil monopoly over crop farming
4:05:23 - The REAL reason Kyle doesn't like holding babies..
4:09:46 - The guys call it a show

Feb 10th, 2024

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