INTRO: A Bold New Level of Stupid: Why the Island Boys Are the Future (0:00-9:51) | The Easter Bunny Invades the Goad Abode (9:51-17:18) | MUSICAL JUSTICE: The Collins Kids (17:18-43:49) | HARDBALLER HALL OF FAME: Buster Keaton (43:49-1:09:23) | VOICEMAIL: Luke From Seattle Wants to Know What I'd Name a Pet Pygmy Marmoset Monkey if He Gave Me One for My Birthday; How Does a Guy Have Some Fun Without Getting Arrested? (1:09:23-1:21:55) | WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Diddy or Diddnt'y: Is Sean "Diddy" Combs a Child-Molesting, Drug-Running, Hooker-Pimping, Sexual-Blackmailing Federal Informant? (1:21:55-2:22:41) | USE THE NEW PROMO CODE "BALLS" FOR A 20% DISCOUNT (2:22:41-2:23:42)

Mar 31st, 2024

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