INTRO: The Luxury of Being Lazy (0:00-11:37) • Zoom Conference About The Thing That Lives Across The Hallway Postponed Because the Court Used the Wrong Email Address; Keep an Eye Out for Possible Livestream Reaction to Spence v. Crawford Welterweight Championship Fight Late Next Saturday Night With JG & Pat Dixon Here on Censored.TV (11:37-18:22) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: The Everly Brothers (18:22-48:23) • HARDBALLER HALL OF FAME: Evel Knievel (48:23-1:19:11) • VOICEMAIL: Luke From Seattle Wants to Know if the FBI's Job Is to Investigate Terrorism; Using Scientologists Can Take Care of The Thing That Lives Across The Hallway; Is Cedric the Entertainer the Black Kyle Rittenhouse? (1:19:12-1:34:52) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Nu-Country Singer Jason Aldean Puts on Blackface, Murders 60 People During Las Vegas Concert, Is Made Imperial Wizard of the Intergalactic KKK, and Commands White Americans to Start Lynching Every Black Person in America--Meanwhile, in the Real World, a Black Male Shoots and Kills Four Whites in a Small Georgia Town (1:34:52-2:00:06) • Fat Black Female County Jail Chief Resigns After Being Caught on Speakerphone Calling Two White Cops "Fucking Crackers" (2:00:06-2:11:00) • "Elderly" (A Year Older Than Me) White Man Beaten In Florida Movie Theater By Attacker "Who Appears to Be Black" (2:11:00-2:15:04) • Ellen Barkin Predicts That Trump Will Murder Six Million Jews (2:15:04-2:19:49) • Study Finds That White Male Retirees Develop Dementia More Quickly Than All Other Groups--White Supremacy Is Blamed (2:19:49-2:25:21) • New "Guide to Talking About Racism" Says the Word "Denigrated" Is Racist (2:25:21-2:30:12) • Americans' Belief in God and the Devil Falls to a New Low (2:30:12-2:35:45) • 44% of Millennials Think that "Misgendering" Someone Should Be a Crime (2:35:45-2:39:24) • Majority of Americans Say Trump And Biden Aren't "Fit" to Be President (2:39:24-2:47:13)

Jul 23rd, 2023

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