INTRO: The Barbarians Are Here, But There's No Gate (0:00-8:49) • The White Panther's Lair Now Has Disco Lights! (8:49-11:00) • MUSICAL JUSTICE: Creepy Country (11:00-36:03) • MOVIE: "The Night of the Hunter" (1955) (36:03-1:06:01) • VOICEMAIL: Do I Believe in the Existence of an Objective, Intellectually Comprehensible Spiritual World? • Which Is More of a Threat: Fentanyl or AI? • Should Injuns Do Rodeo? (1:06:01-1:18:10) • WE KNOW THEY'RE LYING: Woman Who Wrote Children's Book About Grieving Her Husband's Death Is Charged With Murdering Him • "Courvosier Cox" Says He's Ready for "White Media" Boycott After Shoving White Women on Airplane • Homeless Man Named "Fred Innocent" Charged With "Several Hate Crimes" for Defecating on a Pride Flag, Wiping His Ass With Another, Then Arranging His Poop Into a Smiley Face • Black Homicide Suspect Tells Police He "Just Wanted to Kill a White Guy" • Night of the Cum Hunter (1:18:10-2:25:42) • Jaws of the White Panther: Great Depression? Make Way for a FANTASTIC Depression (2:25:42-2:30:27)

May 15th, 2023

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