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Get Off My Lawn #40 | Dirty Rock

After defending non-PC academic Lindsay Shepherd and Britain First activist Jayda Fransen, we talk to two Proud Boys who are at the LA billboard where they (allegedly) stuck a GIGANTIC groping Al Franken on a pretty lady. Then we delve back into 1980s England with photographer Gavin Watson who beautifully documented the early punk / skinhead scene as depicted in the film “This is England.”  We then head over to Bill Schulz’s show to try to get a word in edgewise and after giving up, we get serious and talk about my friend Tommy who is facing prison time for stabbing antifa (link below). Then, it’s back to the Westway Diner to eat onion rings as Rick Shapiro explains Bruce Springsteen. PLEASE DONATE:

Dec 04th, 2017

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